I might be in my mid-30's, but my brain still thinks it's much younger.  I enjoy reading young adult novels.  I watch TV shows like Pretty Little Liars.  So when a new spin-off of that show, Ravenswood, was announced, I set my DVR.  This post isn't about the actual show.  It's about the hauntingly beautiful song I heard while watching the premiere episode.

It's about The Civil Wars.

I'm upset that I'd never heard of this band before. They sound amazing. I could listen all day.  In fact, I've already created a Pandora station.

Begging for Stalkers

Follow me HERE.  And here!  And here!

I don't understand the need to have the masses "follow" me.  I do have an Instagram, Facebook, etc., but I couldn't even begin to tell you how many followers there are on any given social media.  It doesn't matter to me.  I mean,  I do care, but that's not why I write.

I saw a post about why as a blogger you NEED TO HAVE AN INSTAGRAM! Bonus - and how to get your first 1,000 followers!!!  Ack.  Why?  Why exactly do I NEED to have 1,000 followers?  Is this some kind of contest that I wasn't aware I had entered?!  Is it a test?!  I'm totally going to fail.

Blogging has become so much work.  Do this, get that.  Don't do this, you'll lose followers.  Not getting comments?  You aren't posting at the right time.  And so on and so forth.  ...  ...  Ack.

I don't even remember why I began blogging.  I think it was because my friend started doing it.  Now I just write a post when I have something to say, share, or show.  I enjoy when someone interacts and says, "Oh yeah, I know just what you are saying."  I mean isn't THAT the point.  To connect with people, not just connect to them?  

I have a Twitter.  I don't interact on it much.  Mostly it's links to Instagram or a blog post.  I decided to actually take a gander at my account yesterday.  I had to "UNFOLLOW" 40+ accounts that I had never followed in the first place.  Half of these accounts were written in some middle Eastern language.

Err... nope.

I didn't follow any of these people.  I've never seen any of those accounts.  This isn't the first time my Twitter was violated.  I was lucky this time around that they didn't autopost a bunch of diet tips and links (like last time).  I took that opportunity to go through the list of individuals I was following and removed more than 100 accounts.  Mostly from accounts I had followed when entering some contest somewhere.  Some were just interests that I am no longer interested in.

It's just all become too... busy.  

And I just wanna dance!!

Bright Orange

This weekend went by so quickly that I'm absolutely sure it's still Friday.

Except for the fact that I'm still a little stiff and, to be honest, bewildered.

What's that?  You want to know why I am stiff and bewildered?  Because an 18 year old college student cutting through the parking lot of Wal-Mart on her way to pick up her friend for the local college football game failed to stop at a sign in said parking lot and DROVE RIGHT INTO US.

She wrecked My Precious.

How do you NOT see a bright orange car?  She didn't see the car or the stop sign.  And she told the cop just that when he finally arrived almost 30 minutes after we called.  We exchanged all the paperwork, got our copy of the police report, and headed to the house.  While looking over the report I happened upon her birth date... just four years older than my son!!!  Oh jeez....

It doesn't seem like much, but with age comes... well, age.  I woke up on Sunday morning as stiff as a board. Luckily, we were all ok and the car was still able to be driven home.  Now begins the saga of insurance companies...  *sigh*

The Time Has Come

To break out the throw covers and slippers.

Unfortunately for us, this also means space heaters.

Several months ago, our central heat and air unit (a heat pump) started making strange noises and generally began to crap out.  In the time that we have lived in this house, we've invested more money into this ages old unit than we care to remember.  It's never been the most useful and the house isn't new.  Meaning drafty windows & doors and an unfinished cinderblock/concrete basement.  The Summer that our youngest was born, we had to have it serviced to the tune of about $400.  She's only two.  So we purchased a couple of window air conditioners.  We borrowed one from my in-laws and one from my father.  We managed to make it work.  Our electric bill actually went down.

Keeping the house cool wasn't as big a worry for me as keeping the house warm is going to be.  Heat just seems to escape more quickly.  The temperatures have been steadily dropping here.  We needed something to heat our rather large living room, but we don't have the extra funds to spend hundreds of dollars on heaters.  We got lucky last week to find that Wal-Mart had some heaters on clearance.

This morning has been the coldest temperatures we've had so far.  Down into the 20's.  While the house was manageably warm, it's obvious we will be needing more sources.  Bummer.

 Now the concern moves to how much this is going to raise the monthly electric bill.

First Things First

Way back in January, I made a list of 30 goals for the year.  I had to shorten the list of goals from previous years .  In 2012, it had been 52 and I didn't come anywhere close.  This year is going much better though there are still some goals that just ain't going to happen.

Number 29 on the list was learn to knit.  I did accomplish this and I've discovered that I absolutely love it.  I feel like I've been missing out on something awesome my whole life.  There have been some bumps and confusion along the way.  Several videos and books later, I've found that it comes naturally once you find the right groove.

This leads me to goal number 12.  Sell what I make.  Well, not everything I make.  I'm blessed to have a toddler to make things for and a friend who is expecting a new baby some time between the end of December and the beginning of January.  Eventually I want to venture into adult sizes, but for now...

Sew Nekaro on ETSY

My first knitted item for sale!  Made to order with a choice of blue or pink, with or without a bow.

And now... I'm off to knit even more things!!

5,113 Days

Wow.  My oldest turned 14 years old today.

I still remember the pregnancy, birth, wee little baby like they were just yesterday.

I want to write a long meaningful post to summarize the past 14 years.  I'm literally lost for words.

How did he become this young MAN?  That sweet little baby that is now taller than me.  Would rather be with his friends and girlfriend.  Won't let me hug or kiss him anymore.  Not just in public.  I'm not allowed to do those things at home either.

Neil 2000

Though there were times when he pushed my limits, I am more proud of him each and every day.  No matter how old he is, he will always be my wee little babe.

Post With No Name

Gosh I really don't understand how people can post blog updates every day.  Occasionally I think to myself...

"Oooo!  I should blog about this."

Occasionally I actually DO blog about it.  But mostly I just do my thing around the house.  Lately my thing has been trying to catch up on my book goal for the year.  Somehow I've managed to make my way to only being one book behind.  I'll read one more book this month and only have to read three in both November and December.  I'm determined to reach this damn goal.

When I'm not reading (or doing general Mom duties) I've been really working on my knitting.  Mostly everything I do right now is for either my daughter or my friend's incubating kicky girl.  I really enjoy knitting.  It is only occasionally frustrating when I come across a pattern with stitches or things I've never done or things I'm not sure how to do.  I've only been at it for about 9 months, but I'm proud of my progress.  The only problem I have is that I get so excited to see the final product that sometimes I get in too much of a hurry.  That's just who I am though.  I do that with every project.  I have to stop and tell myself to slow down.  The goal here is to begin selling handmade with love in the stitches baby/toddler items.  Fingers crossed.  And it wouldn't hurt if you crossed yours too!  Thanks in advance. 
Free Baby Bow Hat pattern found here.

Free Aviatrix pattern found here.
Also this week, I've made a couple of bloggy changes.  I've added a Pinterest mouse over element to the images here and made the decision to stop putting the watermark over photos.  I know there is great debate about watermarking and image stealing.  I'm still on the fence, but what a pain it is.  I've always had a statement at the bottom of my blog stating that all images are copyrighted and are not to be used without permission.  So please ask first.

And just because I haven't put enough gobbledee gook in this one post...  I've always gotten distracted by all the shiny things.  Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, etc.  All have shiny things that are attractive.  None of them have them all.  I'd just like to throw out there than I also have a Tumblr.  It's mostly my Instagram photos in bloggy form.  I've been working on trying to integrate these blog posts over there too.  So if'n you feel the need, you can follow over there.

Last, but not least, it's the weekend y'all!  Happy Friday!

Currently {october eleventh}

I didn't open my laptop for almost three days.  I only opened it last night to write this post.  My kids are on break from school this week so I've been trying to take this opportunity to change the rules around the house a little.  So here is what I've been looking, making, wondering, playing, and wearing this week!

I have been looking at the pages of a book.  I'm still behind on my goal of reading 25 books this year, but I'm making decent progress.  I've read 16, reading my 17th, so just 8 books away.  With about 12 weeks left in the year....  Ack.

These kids.  Shoo.  Gimmie, gimmie.  No give-y, give-y.  I've become fed up.  I know that, as a stay at home mom, I shoulder the majority of the household duties.  I feel like the kids are taking more and more advantage of that situation though.  Always wanting to go somewhere, have someone over, buy a new game, eat ALL THE FOOD, and God forbid they not have a cell phone.  (My oldest daughter doesn't have one. Simply because we don't feel, at age 12, she needs one or has the responsibility for one. She does have an iPod though.)  So this week, I'm making them new chores.  Previously, they were only feeding/watering/walking the dog and cleaning the litter boxes.  Problem is, they weren't doing them OR I would have to tell them to do it with much complaining.  This week they have been told that I will no longer be reminding them to do these chores AND I'm adding a chore.  Dishes.  Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday are my daughter's days to load/unload the dishwasher.  Tuesday, Thursday, and every other Friday are my son's days.  Every day they don't do their chores or I have to remind/tell them, I take away the phone and/or computer for the same amount of days.

I've been wondering how fast I can knit items to sell.  I almost feel like the market is saturated with people who want to stay at home making items.  I'd still like to try though.  I enjoy sewing, knitting, and being all crafty.

Not much playing going on around here.  Not for me anyway.  Ro is all over the place, all the time.  Classic toddler.  She has really begun to show her personality and it's just the cutest thing ever.

Since the kids have been home and I haven't had to go anywhere or do anything....  I've been wearing a lot of my pajamas.  All day.  Every day.  What?!  Fall breaks were invented by mom's who love their yoga pants.

dreading, anticipating, thankful, watching, choosing

Currently is a weekly feature hosted by Randalin of Harvesting Kale and Lindsey of OT and ET.

Tiny Garden Success

Remember that cute little okra from the other day?  Turns out it wasn't okra.  It was a bloom!  It was awfully pretty too, but I thought I'd have time to go back the next day and snap a quick photo.  When I returned the next day, it was all closed up and fell away when I touch it.  Instead there was a tiny little okra bud.

Aw... it's so cute! (said as if you were talking to a weetle baby)

We've got little okras everywhere!  I'm so giddy.  But I'm terribly worried.  It's October and the temperatures are starting to show it.  Last night, the temperature fell to the high 40's (Fahrenheit)  This mornings temperatures were 25 degrees colder than yesterday morning.  Yikes!  I'm scared for my little okra babies!  I'm trying to find the right spot in the house to move them indoors where they'll be able to get plenty of sunlight.  Crossing my fingers and toes that I don't traumatize them!

Everything else in this years garden attempt failed.  I'm desperate to make these okra pods grow like there is no tomorrow!!

Currently {October Third}

This week I'm going to tell you all about what I've been learning, growing, buying, loving, and wishing!!

To start, I'm learning patience.  Ok, I'm TRYING to learn patience.  This whole government shut down has put a serious damper on any Fall break plans we were throwing around.  On the rare occasion that we get to go somewhere as a family we like to visit National and State parks.  This time around we were hoping to get in a few days of camping, but no dice.  Campground closed.  I'm glad that I waited to make those reservations.

We're growing okra!!  Except it's okra that I planted waaaaay back in May.  I'm not sure what exactly I'm doing wrong on the garden front, but for the second year, we couldn't get anything to grow.  Better luck next year I suppose.  I guess we'll be eating Winter okra.


Buying.  I don't even want to talk about money.  We did purchase one Christmas present so far.  That's progress.

I can't get enough of this awesome weather!  I've loving it!  We've had a couple of days of steady rain, but it's actually been pleasant.  Might be because of my love for October overriding my dislike of rain.

I'm wishing for a pleasant Fall break next week.  Since we'll likely be sticking around the house, I'm just hoping for good weather!

looking, making, wondering, playing, wearing

Currently is a weekly feature hosted by Randalin of Harvesting Kale and Lindsey of OT and ET.

Busy Doing Nothing

I always feel like I have so much going on, but I'm never getting anything done.  I overwhelm myself.

I currently have two knitting projects going at once.  Which by itself is probably a bad idea because I've barely begun knitting.  Plus the local library is getting yarn bombed this month and I'd like to contribute.  I posted a photo to Instagram yesterday with some of the bombing evidence.  It's actually pretty awesome.

Year book sales are going strong, not to mention school fundraisers (clubs, classes, and a basic school one), and school photo orders are also due.  Shoo.  Plus we are now making trips to Elizabethtown (75 miles one way) every 6-8 weeks. Shoo.  Basketball practice, book club, band practice...  SHOO!!

Do you know what started this post?  TV.

I remember it wasn't too long ago that there didn't seem to be anything decent to watch.  A billion channels and nothing to watch.  Now we've got some choices.  Television is finally coming back to us.  I was already playing a Tetris like game with the shows I want to watch, but now there are more.

Tuesday nights have become family TV night.  ABC's line up is what we were looking for on Tuesday's.  Previously, we just wandered around the channel menu, playing roulette with the remote.  Now we've got these gems...

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The Goldbergs
Trophy Wife
I already had Agents of SHIELD on my To Watch list.  I hadn't honestly planned on watching the other two at all.  ABC has a bad habit of cancelling shows on me.  I'm still a little weary.

HOWEVER!!!  I'm telling you now... if you need a kick of nostalgia and laughter, watch The Goldbergs.  I feel like I "grew up" in the 90's, but I have significant memories of the 80's in all it's glory and this show is great.  During the ending credits, they play some home movies of the real Goldbergs.  The actors seriously nail their real life counterparts.

I expected to not like Trophy Wife.  I was completely wrong.  It's like Modern Family with a twist.  Funny, funny, funny.  The cast is wonderful and accomplished.  Clearly I already have a favorite character, Michaela Watkins.  She reminds me of my friend Cam.  Except Cam isn't quite as Jackie as Jackie is... not yet anyway!   P.S.  She's just returned from a two year blog hiatus so stop by, pay her a visit, and say hello!

Now I never, ever, ever, ever, watch the Lifetime Channel.  That's all about to change with Witches of East End.  I hope it's like, the long cancelled, Eastwick, the ABC series based on the Witches of Eastwick.  Except I don't want it to get cancelled!

Have you watched any new shows that you were "iffy" about and discovered that you enjoyed them?

Brace Face & Four Eyes

Last week my son, Neil, got the first of his orthodontics put on.  He started with just the brackets on the top front eight teeth and then spacers on several others to make room for a Herbst appliance.  The Herbst looks like little shock absorbers that will correct his overbite.

Yesterday the spacers were removed, the Herbst was put in, and wires were attached to the top brackets.

Here he is looking like a spiky porcupine. He wouldn't let me take any after photos. He was doing ok until he attempted to eat something for supper.  The office didn't tell us anything other than 1) don't open your mouth super wide, and 2) don't move your jaw side-to-side.

They neglected to tell us the little details about a Herbst device.  Like that it works by forcing your lower jaw forward which makes the previously lined up back teeth no longer touch.  So chewing anything beyond oatmeal, ramen, or spaghetti is damn near impossible.   Eventually they will line back up, but it's going to be a lot of mashed potatoes for a while.

For the entertainment portion of our day...

My mom found a pair of my old glasses that I wore when I was in middle school. Well, I actually only wore these a handful of times because they're super awesome redness actually was very distracting. I wanted them because of Becca Thacher.

As soon as I put them on, through the bursting laughter, I said,

"Oh my GAWD! They are touching my cheeks!!!!"

To which my mother said,

"And your head used to be so much smaller!"


More laughter ensued and I may have peed muh pants a little.

Ob-la-di!  Ob-la-da!  Life goes on!  Oh, oh, oh, oh, life goes on!