Life Lines

Blurred Lines

I'm a victim.

A victim of using my phone to take photos. Photos of what are turning out to be meaningless things.

Meanwhile, life is passing me by.

Every year I vow to print out family snapshots once a month. Every year I vow to take a family photo every season.

Every year... I fail.

What's worse is that I now find that I barely have any photos of my children to print out at the end of the year. Yesterday I was unloading all the photos from my memory cards (a couple of days ago I did the same with my phone), only to find that my memory cards were filled with images of food I had planned to blog about or last December's Christmas photos. It's September and I've barely photographed anything with my actual camera.

The camera I paid hundreds of dollars for. The camera that just sits on a shelf collecting dust now. I have abandoned The Precious.

How did I get here? I caught Smart Phone Syndrome and I wasn't even aware.

And it SUCKS. When it's time to print this years photos, I'll have nothing.  I remember a time when I didn't go anywhere without my camera.  My actual camera.  I have to find my way back...

Before my children are leaving for college and I've not photographed them in years.

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