Wisps of Gossamer

We've had some strange goings on around here lately.

Last week our 13 year old cat went missing.  She's 13 so by the third full day that we didn't see her, we thought maybe she had wandered into the nearby woods to be at peace.  Then my brain began to fall into suspicion mode.  Did a coyote attack her?  Did another wild animal?  Bear? Or wolf, because we apparently have these in south central/western KY now too?  Did someone steal her?  It has now been a full week and I still wish I could find at least a body so I could bury her properly.  

Then our other outside cat was gone.  He's a male so I figured he was just wandering.  Though he's never been known to do that before.

I went outside early Sunday morning.  Like I have every morning since our old cat disappeared.  The Sun was just starting to rise over the edge of the trees.

The sunlight was hitting these webs.  We have a whole colony of spiders living in our dogwood tree.  I was a little creeped out, but then I just stood there and looked.  They were beautiful.


The second cat, that had been missing for almost two full days, showed back up yesterday mid-morning.  He looked horrible.  He's always been a fighter.  We call him our guard cat because he chases off any and all other cats/animals.  He was barely moving, didn't come when I called to him, didn't eat any of the food I laid out for him.

This morning he was gone again.  None of the food had been touched.

But there were new, beautiful wisps of gossamer spider webs in the tree.  Reminding me of that whole Circle of Life thing...

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