Dear Fatty McStuffins

Dear Fatty McStuffins,

From the beginning of your life you were a unique member of our family.  Do you remember that time all of your brothers and sisters fell into the bottom of the box your mom had you all in?  You just continued to nurse and nurse and nurse.  Until I discovered that they had fallen and rescued them.

You were twice the size of Cosmo and Wanda.  Poor little Tiny ended up looking like she was from another litter entirely compared to how big you were next to her.  Though you were still a cute little kitten.

That's how you got your name.  Fatty McStuffins.

Little kitty Fatty

I love how you used to always be there. Our guard cat.

Guard Cat Fatty

You were an all around great cat. We're all going to miss having you around. I'm glad we found you and were able to give you a proper farewell. I regret that I didn't find you sooner.

Rowan with Fatty

Until we meet again...

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