Road Trip!!!!

Sunday was actually Rowan's birthday.  My husband was supposed to work all weekend so we planned for her party to be the next weekend.  Then it turned out that he had the weekend off.  I didn't feel it was right to not do something on her special day so we decided to go for a little spur of the moment road trip!

I've mentioned before that we live TOO FAR away from the beach.  We do have lakes!  It has rained too much recently for any lake beach fun though.  We usually do our camping at Barren River Lake.  I've heard good things about Dale Hollow Lake on the Kentucky -Tennessee border, but we've never been.  The drive there and back was some of the most beautiful landscape.

dale hollow dam watermark

Dale Hollow Dam was the largest dam I've ever seen.  The Hoover is on my bucket list.  The first dam I've seen made of concrete and not earth.  It was very impressive.  According to the plaque, this dam cost $29.1 million dollars to build.  I found out that a least one town, Willow Grove, is submerged under this vast lake. You can read more about it on the Army Corps of Engineers website here.

dale hollow lake watermark

dale hollow lake 2 watermark

On the other side of the dam, the road was very curvy, very wooded. Very beautiful. Roll down the windows and cruise beautiful.

Just twenty minutes south of Dale Hollow Dam is Standing Stone State Park.  I'll be honest, I went because I thought there was a big ol' standing stone.  There wasn't, but I am so glad that we went!

standing stone park dam watermark

When we drove up to this lake area, I thought it was just a bridge. A scenic, quiet lake with a beautiful stone bridge.

standing stone park tailwater watermark

As quiet as the lake had been I was completely surprised to see that the "bridge" was actually a dam. And a loud one too!

standing stone park dam chris and rowan watermark

standing stone park dam me and rowan watermark

tompkinsville watermark

I love these hills.

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