Lions? No. Tigers? No. BEARS? Yes!

Several years ago, around 1999, the Black Bear was reintroduced in Eastern Kentucky.  Black bears used to be abundant in this area, but logging and humans wiped them completely out in the early 1900's.  Here is a good little article about the reintroduction from Kentucky Woodlands Magazine.  Also a PDF from the Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife about the Black Bear in Kentucky.

Now they are being spotted in our area.  A family just happen to capture a small male with a motion sensor wildlife camera in Ohio County, which is the county just North of where I live.  They have also been seen in Mammoth Cave National Park as well as several sightings in Daviess County.

I live somewhere in that blue circle.  I've vaguely placed some of the bear sightings and how far (as the crow flies!) from our house.  Except for the Owensboro one because it just said in Daviess County so it could possibly be closer and most likely is.  I doubt a bear would be in a more populated area.

Supposedly, these bears are scared of people and are mainly vegetarians.  However, this person is scared of them!!  I'm already trying to find ways to hide the outdoor cats food and bear proof our trashcan!  I might actually have a heart attack if I see a bear.

Right after I snatch up my camera and take a picture!

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