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Trying to change up my diet.  I haven't had an annual check-up in a few years.  I always forgot and then forgot again.  I've had high cholesterol in the past and I should have been more vigilant in keeping up with my check-ups.  When my husband lost his job in April, we lost our health insurance as well.  We just couldn't afford the $1200 a month that COBRA coverage required.  He began working at a new job just two weeks later, however, there was a 90 day waiting period before insurance eligibility.  So I'm patiently waiting for that 90 day mark.

Wearing my pajamas.  I wear them or just comfy sweatpants and tshirts WAY more than I should, but if I'm not leaving the house or expecting company, I'm going to be comfortable.

Choosing a different phone service package.  We have to use a local phone co-op for service.  We rarely use our home phone, but can't cancel that service without cancelling our internet as well so we had a nice little bundle package that included local phone service, several calling features, 150 long distance minutes and the middle of the road speed internet.  We were paying (with taxes) $95 a month.  Ridonkulous.  We used a whopping 16 minutes of long distance last month.  I called up the phone company and it looks like I can save about $20 a month by unbundling from that package.  Yay!

Laughing at all the funny things Rowan does.  She really is a little ham.

Tasting meatless vegetarian food.  Recently Kaia, my oldest daughter, has decided to become a vegetarian.  She's been at it for only a couple of weeks.  I expected her to have a few slip ups.  She's only had three.  Once she forgot about her decision and ate a chicken wing, then it was a piece of bacon (who can resist right?), and then when she went to a 4th of July shindig with her grandparents she ate, I believe, a hot dog.  I'm proud of her decision and wanted to encourage her better eating habits so I bought several Boca and Morning Star brand foods.  Buffalo wings, grilled chicken for salads, burgers, and chicken patties.  Every time I fix her some, I take a little taste test.  So far, I've been impressed.  Especially with the Boca burgers.  If you didn't know they were veggie burgers, well... you wouldn't know!



  1. Happy Thursday from the Currently Linky! Children are the biggest hams, aren't they?

    Please follow back if you have the chance. :)


  2. I love experimenting with vegetarian cooking. I'm definitely not a vegetarian, I do love me a burger, but I like veggie meals too.