Lions? No. Tigers? No. BEARS? Yes!

Several years ago, around 1999, the Black Bear was reintroduced in Eastern Kentucky.  Black bears used to be abundant in this area, but logging and humans wiped them completely out in the early 1900's.  Here is a good little article about the reintroduction from Kentucky Woodlands Magazine.  Also a PDF from the Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife about the Black Bear in Kentucky.

Now they are being spotted in our area.  A family just happen to capture a small male with a motion sensor wildlife camera in Ohio County, which is the county just North of where I live.  They have also been seen in Mammoth Cave National Park as well as several sightings in Daviess County.

I live somewhere in that blue circle.  I've vaguely placed some of the bear sightings and how far (as the crow flies!) from our house.  Except for the Owensboro one because it just said in Daviess County so it could possibly be closer and most likely is.  I doubt a bear would be in a more populated area.

Supposedly, these bears are scared of people and are mainly vegetarians.  However, this person is scared of them!!  I'm already trying to find ways to hide the outdoor cats food and bear proof our trashcan!  I might actually have a heart attack if I see a bear.

Right after I snatch up my camera and take a picture!

And I Laughed and Laughed

Sitting in the living room on Friday night, I was bored.  My husband was faithfully watching wrestling.  *insert my eyeroll here*  I can't stand it, but am forced to watch it every Monday and Friday.  Ick.


I somehow manged to find myself on YouTube.  I said to myself... why don't you have a gander at some of your video blogs.  I haven't done one in quite a while.  

I couldn't stop laughing.  I'm such a scatterbrain!

From February 2010 -

Post Crossing {Card 6}

How cute is this card?!  My first card from the Netherlands.  I sometimes feel like the person trying to shower on the card!

Postcards Exchange

Another Random Instagram Video

That didn't actually post to Instagram...

Currently {V.8}

Currently is a weekly feature hosted by Randalin of Harvesting Kale and Lindsey of OT and ET.


I'm reviewing the 100 Days of Real Food pledge.  It is my intention to do the 10 day pledge to try and convince my husband that we can do it.  The only foreseen problem is that we live in a rather rural area.  We do have the third most populated city in Kentucky just 35 miles away, however, Bowling Green still doesn't have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.  We are on a super tight budget and I can't drive the 100 miles to Nashville and pay their 5% tax on food every week.

Why you tax food Tennessee?!

I'm also wishing that I will be able to find a grocery in the area where I will be able to buy organic fruits that are not native to this area, like bananas and oranges.

Eating... everything in the house to get prepared for all the non-processed foods we are about to buy!  There are RULES to this pledge, which you can find here.  I've discovered that much of our cabinets are stocked full of the no-no foods.

Carrying a little bit of stress around.  I need to breathe and let it go.  I haven't had a good night's sleep in a week.  I just lay there with my eyes wide open staring at the ceiling.

Running?  Nope, not running anywhere, but I am sad that we are running out of Summer.  I feel like we just started.  We didn't even put a dent in what we wanted to do during the Summer.


Post Crossing {Card 4 & 5}

From Germany

From Luxembourg
I'm not sure what this translates to, but Google Translate says...

"Trust in your happiness - and you pull it through?"  I think the second part needs a bit of help! =)

Post Crossing {Card #3}

Card #3 is from a French woman who has been living in China for many years!  This is the second card I have received from someone who is originally from another country.  I count it like I've gotten a card from two places!  Thanks Fran├žoise!

Friday Flashback!

Here's a flashback to a post from October 13th, 2010:

I promised a video.  I delivered a video.  I had to go through and cut out some less favorable sections.  Trust me you didn't want to see the 3-4 minutes of the ground that was recorded. In the background you can hear that screaming 2 year old at the campsite next door. He did that at about 1AM the first night.... Until watching these I had no idea that calling someone a "nipple" was in vogue....

Currently {V.7}

Currently is a weekly feature hosted by Randalin of Harvesting Kale and Lindsey of OT and ET.


Currently I'm loving these last few weeks of Summer break.  Though I am bummed that our favorite place to hit the water is closed until sometime in August because of rain we received a couple of weeks ago.

I'm losing my marbles over the fact that just three weeks until the school year starts back and I still don't have a school supply list for either of my children.  The school's Facebook page just updated a few teacher specific lists, which is great, except I HAVE NO IDEA WHICH ONES MY CHILDREN WILL HAVE.  

Remembering?  Yeah right!  I can't remember anything without writing it down!  I've made two trips to the store this week because of things I forgot on my previous trip.

Clearing out the kids closets to make room for the new school wardrobe.  I'm hitting up some consignment shops this year.  These kids are growing so stinking fast (Neil has grown ANOTHER three inches, that's 9 inches in two years!) that I can't justify spending so much money on clothes for the Fall when they will have outgrown them by Christmas.

Picking a new fitness routine.  I've been so out of shape for so long.  I have come to the point in my life where the things I eat actually matter.  I long for the days when I could eat anything I wanted and not feel bad about it.  I recently saw a photo from my senior photos for high school.  I was so skinny and trim and not jiggy in any manner.  *sigh*  I've got to get on it.  


Post Crossing Cards 1 & 2

I've told y'all about PostCrossing in other posts.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you need to get over there!

I've sent out nine cards so far.  My first five were to Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.  The Germany and Belarus cards are STILL TRAVELING (18 days).  Yikes!  I've also sent one each to Indiana, China, Ukraine (again) and the Netherlands (again).  Every time one of your sent cards gets registered, your address is given to a new person!

Here are my first two received cards:

From Ireland | A temporary sorting office for the mail after the main office was destroyed. | May 1916
From United Kingdom | Urquhart Castle - Loch Ness
I love that my first two cards came from Ireland and Scotland (actually United Kingdom, but the card is of Scotland)!  Much of my heritage is from these two locations.  I can only dream of ever traveling there.  Now I have a little bit of each place!

Morning Routine

This was one of my first videos for Instagram.  Except it didn't actually post because I've got an Android and sometimes it'll post the video... sometimes it won't.

Every morning the youngest and I have to have our morning drinks. Chocolate milk for her, cappuccino for me.

The Trip: Little Critter Reading Adventure {A Review}

We are always looking for apps that are educational as well as fun for our two year old daughter, Rowan.  She's a pretty active toddler, but there are times when she wants nothing more than to sit by me on the couch and play on the iPad.  I don't want her to be a mindless zombie so we are pretty picky about the apps we choose.

I've always liked the Little Critter series of books.  So I was excited when I was asked to review the app, The Trip:  Little Critter Reading Adventure.  While I know there is no substitute for a good book, at this age book apps are the way to go for us.  All the goodness of the book without worry about torn pages or liquids being spilled on the pages!

{Review} The Trip: A Little Critter Reading Adventure

I love that there are two options.  One is a simple read to your child option that was great for us.  The other is a cute interactive adventure that includes having the story read to your child, flash cards, and pop-up activities.

{Review} The Trip: A Little Critter Reading Adventure

{Review} The Trip: A Little Critter Reading Adventure

{Review} The Trip: A Little Critter Reading Adventure

I really like the interactive features! I think the app is a little advanced for my little one (she's just turned two), but it is recommended to begin at three years. With a little time and patience, I think she will get the hang of it fairly quickly.  This app works great for us to sit down together and "read" the book while doing the different activities together. Which, in my opinion, is how these early learning apps should be used anyway. I can really see older kids enjoying this app as it will definitely hold their attention. It's interactive without being overly busy and distracting.

Overall, I would recommend this app.  I believe we will get much use from it now as well as in the future.

App recommended for ages 3 to 7.  Available in the Apple App store, Google Play store, as a Nook app, and the Amazon Apps for only 99 cents!

*I was asked to review this app.  All opinions are my own.

Currently {V.6}

Currently is a weekly feature hosted by Randalin of Harvesting Kale and Lindsey of OT and ET.


Trying to change up my diet.  I haven't had an annual check-up in a few years.  I always forgot and then forgot again.  I've had high cholesterol in the past and I should have been more vigilant in keeping up with my check-ups.  When my husband lost his job in April, we lost our health insurance as well.  We just couldn't afford the $1200 a month that COBRA coverage required.  He began working at a new job just two weeks later, however, there was a 90 day waiting period before insurance eligibility.  So I'm patiently waiting for that 90 day mark.

Wearing my pajamas.  I wear them or just comfy sweatpants and tshirts WAY more than I should, but if I'm not leaving the house or expecting company, I'm going to be comfortable.

Choosing a different phone service package.  We have to use a local phone co-op for service.  We rarely use our home phone, but can't cancel that service without cancelling our internet as well so we had a nice little bundle package that included local phone service, several calling features, 150 long distance minutes and the middle of the road speed internet.  We were paying (with taxes) $95 a month.  Ridonkulous.  We used a whopping 16 minutes of long distance last month.  I called up the phone company and it looks like I can save about $20 a month by unbundling from that package.  Yay!

Laughing at all the funny things Rowan does.  She really is a little ham.

Tasting meatless vegetarian food.  Recently Kaia, my oldest daughter, has decided to become a vegetarian.  She's been at it for only a couple of weeks.  I expected her to have a few slip ups.  She's only had three.  Once she forgot about her decision and ate a chicken wing, then it was a piece of bacon (who can resist right?), and then when she went to a 4th of July shindig with her grandparents she ate, I believe, a hot dog.  I'm proud of her decision and wanted to encourage her better eating habits so I bought several Boca and Morning Star brand foods.  Buffalo wings, grilled chicken for salads, burgers, and chicken patties.  Every time I fix her some, I take a little taste test.  So far, I've been impressed.  Especially with the Boca burgers.  If you didn't know they were veggie burgers, well... you wouldn't know!


Road Trip!!!!

Sunday was actually Rowan's birthday.  My husband was supposed to work all weekend so we planned for her party to be the next weekend.  Then it turned out that he had the weekend off.  I didn't feel it was right to not do something on her special day so we decided to go for a little spur of the moment road trip!

I've mentioned before that we live TOO FAR away from the beach.  We do have lakes!  It has rained too much recently for any lake beach fun though.  We usually do our camping at Barren River Lake.  I've heard good things about Dale Hollow Lake on the Kentucky -Tennessee border, but we've never been.  The drive there and back was some of the most beautiful landscape.

dale hollow dam watermark

Dale Hollow Dam was the largest dam I've ever seen.  The Hoover is on my bucket list.  The first dam I've seen made of concrete and not earth.  It was very impressive.  According to the plaque, this dam cost $29.1 million dollars to build.  I found out that a least one town, Willow Grove, is submerged under this vast lake. You can read more about it on the Army Corps of Engineers website here.

dale hollow lake watermark

dale hollow lake 2 watermark

On the other side of the dam, the road was very curvy, very wooded. Very beautiful. Roll down the windows and cruise beautiful.

Just twenty minutes south of Dale Hollow Dam is Standing Stone State Park.  I'll be honest, I went because I thought there was a big ol' standing stone.  There wasn't, but I am so glad that we went!

standing stone park dam watermark

When we drove up to this lake area, I thought it was just a bridge. A scenic, quiet lake with a beautiful stone bridge.

standing stone park tailwater watermark

As quiet as the lake had been I was completely surprised to see that the "bridge" was actually a dam. And a loud one too!

standing stone park dam chris and rowan watermark

standing stone park dam me and rowan watermark

tompkinsville watermark

I love these hills.

Rowan is TWO!

My baby is now two years old!  How can this be?!  I feel like she was just born yesterday!

rowan - 2 years old!

She continues to amaze us and crack us up.  She is using more and more words that I didn't even know she knew!  She has definitely hit her twos.  Still learning what the word "No" means and not liking it much.  We have had some success with potty training.  She has only had one pooping accident in her diaper in a couple of weeks!  Only a parent would be excited about poop in a toilet!  

She is behind in weight for other kids her age, but she is taller than 60% of them so it evens out!  She is the sweetest, cutest troublemaker ever!  I wouldn't trade her for the world!

Currently {V.5}

Currently is a weekly feature hosted by Randalin of Harvesting Kale and Lindsey of OT and ET.


Loving all the rain in the forecast!   ...   ...  No, I'm just being sarcastic.  Would you get a load of this forecast?  There is at least a 30% chance of rain EVERY DAY!  I was planning on taking the kids back to the lake one or two days this week. 

Craving a vacation.  I was recently researching cruises.  Disney cruises to be specific.  We've never done anything of the sort and I was curious.  HOLY MOLEY!  Prices vary so greatly depending on the time of year you wish to travel.  June?  $9,000+ for a family of 5.  October?  Just under $4,000.  Whaaat  tttthhhe f*^#@?  This is not including the approximate $800 for passports for the whole family.  Suggestions?

Missing all the Mad Men episodes!  I was DVR'ing the show this season, but for some reason my DVR stopped recording them.  I've been so busy around the house with the kids and what not that I didn't even realize it had stopped until I'd missed WEEKS.  Bummer.  I was already feeling kind of so-so about this season anyway because I longed for the fashions in the previous seasons.

Wishing the postal services were faster!  I sent out postcards for Post Crossing last week and I'm excited for people to receive them!  I've never mailed things overseas so I was anticipating a long mail time.  It's killing me though.

Listening to Walk Off The Earth.  I love them.  I remember seeing them perform Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know on Ellen where they all played the same guitar.  I like their version better than the original.  I love their covers.  I love their originals.  Beard guy is awesome.


Faulty Festivites

Our Independence Day adventures have been put on hold.  Mother Nature saw fit to decide that today was the day to rain.

All day.

july 4th rain

Local fireworks have been postponed until tomorrow.  I still can't help but hear... wha wha waaaaaaa... in my head.

I hope it's bright and sunny where you are and you have a safe and happy 4th of July holiday!

Turning Scraps into Something Useful

I bought a huge pack of Sharpies to use with my huge stack of postcards that I bought to use with my new Post Crossing membership.  If you haven't heard of Post Crossing, it's a postcard exchange project for people all over the world!  I've just signed up (there is a link in the sidebar!) and I've sent off my first 5 postcards.  I'm excited to receive my first postcard.

Anyway... I needed something to put all those Sharpies in.  Rolling around in the bottom of my bag wasn't working.  I decided to check out Etsy.  I had a bit of sticker shock.  The pouches I really liked were a bit more expensive than I would like them to be.  Changed my mind about buying one and got out my scrap fabric instead.

New pouches

New pouches

This pouch/clutch has 24 Sharpies in it!  I think he turned out decent.  I thought I could make one a little bit bigger with a zipper.



That was a fail.

New pouches

A fail because I COULD NOT figure out how to get the zipper in and make it look right.  I also tried out using a little hook and eye closure.  Meh...  I need to figure out how to do a zipper on the bigger pouch/clutch/bag.

A bit more practice and I might... might... try selling a few!