Why I Had to Pay Google

A couple of days ago, my daughter yells at me from her room.  I go see what all the fuss is about and she tells me that she can't seem to get logged into her Gmail email account.  She's sure that she knows the password, but it's not working, she says.

I sit down on my own computer, pull up her information because as a parent of two teenagers I make sure that I have all log in and password information for ALL ACCOUNTS.  Sure enough, it doesn't work.

Because it's been disabled by Google for TERMS OF SERVICE violations.  

She didn't reach the minimum age limit of 13 years old.  

What a pain in the arse.

She rarely uses the account.  Mostly it's for logging in to OTHER services (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) because everything requires a valid email.  She does have a couple of friends that she emails with that have moved out of town/state.

I think an email to the account and also one to the recovery email, which is mine, would have been sufficient to provide proof of age verification.  And what exactly gave them the impression that she isn't 13 years old?!  I set up the account myself years ago using my own birthday.  I am well beyond the 13 year age limit.

So I had to jump through a few hoops, entering my birthdate information, etc.  Then... THEN I had to verify myself either using a form that had to printed and mailed in or by using my credit card.  I don't have any credit cards.  Bad juju. I had to enter my debit card info.  Which it wouldn't accept!  It kept telling me that I wasn't entering a correct number.  Excuse me Google, but I'm looking right at the damn thing.  I even triple checked to make sure I was entering the right number.  No dice.  I tried three different times, but could never get it to work. 

Ended up having to use my PayPal debit card.  They said they would be charging just 30 cents, but I ended up being charged $1.30.  

I know this isn't a giant lump sum of money, but give me a break.  With all of the stupid hacking emails and junk emails and let's not even go into the Sir Spams-A-Lot's of the world, why did I have to pay to keep my email address?!  


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  1. That is ridiulous! Why the hell would they do that?