Things That Make You Uncomfortable

It is Day 3 of Blog Every Day in May.  Things that make me uncomfortable.  Hmmm...

Public places in general make me uncomfortable.  I suffer from social anxiety so I tend to be a homebody.  Some times the anxiety is worse than other times.  I feel it really just depends on the level of stress in my life.

Death.  Who isn't made uncomfortable by death/loss?  I tend to take it to heart even if I don't know the person well.  I feel for their family, for them.  I'm a big ugly crier, but I'm also that awkward person who doesn't know what to say or do and just tries to make light.  At inopportune moments.

People who wear glasses but are constantly looking over them instead of through them.  This makes me uncomfortable because I always want to push their glasses up on their nose.  Probably more of a pet peeve, but still it's uncomfortable.

Underwire bras.  I recently broke down and finally purchased some new bras.  I was still wearing nursing bras.  She quit nursing months ago.  My boobs didn't fit in any of my pre-pregnancy/pre-baby bras.  Why does every bra have to be made with an underwire?!?  Too many choices, not enough non-underwire choices.

Also underwear that ride up and people who say, "All of THE sudden...".  No, just no.

That is all.

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