Sorry I'm Not Sorry

Today is Issue a Public Apology day of blogging every day in May. I touched on this on my personal Facebook page.

I've recently heard of the newest television cancellations. Once again, ABC has cancelled a show that my family and I love to watch. Last season it was 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort. Way to just drop some shows and leave us all hanging. Then it was Don't Trust the B and Zero Hour. Now it's Happy Endings. And ABC isn't alone, FOX cancelled Alcatraz just as I was getting interested.

I wish that I didn't have so many shows that I enjoy watching. I'm so sick and tired of these networks creating great new shows, getting the audience hooked and then dropping them!!

So... I publicly apologize to ABC for not watching any of your "new" shows. Like How to Live with Your Parents, Family Tools, Mistresses (REALLY?!?!), or Motive and even *gasp* the Marvel comic book one. Because I know if I like them, YOU WILL JUST CANCEL THEM!! In all honesty, I'm not really sorry and I'm not sorry about that fact either. I'm just using this as a way to vent being pissed off that yet another show that my family and I enjoy is getting the ax!

Boo to you ABC. You stink.

That is all.

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