Nail Update - Week 3

I've got nails!

Last week I bought and used some new stuff to try to curb my nail appetite. I think it's working!  The polish stayed on with minimal chips for almost a week.  I can really tell a difference in the strength of the nails using the Essie base/strengthener.  One plague I have is nails that split on the sides.  *knock on wood* So far I haven't had that problem.  I removed the color polish and just put on one coat of the clear base.  The cuticle oil does seem to be working, b..u..t... I'm not using it as directed.

I also started taking a multi-vitamin and drinking a glass of Naked Green Machine every day.  I figured it wouldn't hurt to work from the inside out as well!  I hope that I can get my nails to the length they were several months ago.  We are experiencing a peaceful time in our little corner of the world and I hope to keep it that way for a long, long time.

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