Most Embarrassing Moment

When I first saw the prompt for today, Most Embarrassing Moment, my brain immediately hit on when it happened.

It was in the Spring of 2011, I was pregnant.  Big pregnant. I think I was around six or seven months.  I was at a Little League meeting with mostly men though there were a few ladies in attendance.  We were going over the budget when it happened.

I choked.  Literally.

I couldn't get my breath.  I raised one arm.  I raised my other arm.  I began to wheeze trying to suck in air that just wouldn't come.

Everyone panicked.  The president of the Little League jumped up and ran over to me with a look of confusion.  Later he told me it was because I was pregnant and while he was trained in CPR, he didn't know how to Heimlich a pregnant lady.

Eventually the woman next to me gave me a couple of slaps on the back and apparently that made my throat muscles wake up and realize that I needed oxygen.

After all the commotion was over, that same woman leaned over and asked if I had choked on my gum.  The apparent lack of oxygen killed several brain cells and instead of just saying, "Yes!"  I said...

"No!  I just choked on my own spit."


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