I Love Me Some Samsung!

Like thousands of other mom's on Mother's Day, I had to pick out my own gift. It's a bit of a downer, but then again I know that I will get something I will like and use. Though I would like to get at least a card without having to pick it out myself.

Several months ago, my nearly five year old laptop started doing strange things. Mainly, the monitor went on the fritz. I had to use a VGA cable to attach my old desktop monitor to my laptop to be able to use it. The whole setup was nice, my old monitor is fairly large, but I don't have a desk so I was taking up half the dining room table. What a pain. I quickly took over my daughter's laptop. Except it's small and covered in purple and blue flowers and butterflies.

I started looking for a new Precious.

I had no idea that Samsung made computers!  I love my Galaxy S3 and have had other Samsung phones in the past, with a brief lapse of judgement that lead me to Apple, which I loved for it's short period of time in my life.

Best Buy had a 15.6" 4GB memory 750GB RAM Samsung laptop!  The best part about finding this gem online was that we have a local Best Buy so I could pay online and pick up in the store!  And that's just what I did!  If you've never done the in-store pick up at Best Buy, you should give it a try.  I was in and out in less than 10 minutes.  So freakin' easy.

And we shall call her Precious and she will be mine.

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