Holiday Weekend Overtime

My husband actually got a three day weekend over the Memorial Day holiday.  He hasn't had a full weekend off in years.  Seriously.  At his old job, he was always working overtime on the weekends.  Even holiday weekends.  They called it "voluntary mandatory overtime".  Basically you weren't technically required to go to work, but if you chose not too show up, well they weren't technically required to let you keep your job.  It was BS.  This weekend though?  He was free.  FREE, I SAY!

So I made him do yard work.  Lots of yard work.
I tried out the panorama setting on my cell phone! Ooo! Ahh!
I've always wanted to landscape the front of the house.  It's so... blah.  It's plain, boring.  We need shutters.  Instead I got plants.  The poor husband thought he was actually going to get the weekend off!  No sir.

Two large scoops of mulch, 11 landscape timbers, two rolls of landscape fabric, 10+ solar powered lighs, four rhododendrons, three daylilies, one impatien and two purple flowers whose name I can't recall plus Saturday, Sunday, and part of Monday, we have this.

I know it doesn't look much different.  Let's just imagine what it will look like when all the plants are twice this size, m'kay?  I have to mention that we started with just two rhododendrons.  We'd picked up a couple of other shrubs, a Barberry something or other.  Then after we got home we discovered that they had thorns.  EVERYWHERE.  Ick.  Back to the store they went.  Also I had four hostas that we ended up splitting into 11 different hostas and spread those around as well.

That cute little Rowan size pool was $19.95.  I couldn't resist getting it for her.  I know it has nothing to do with landscaping, but what the hell, right?

I spent a couple of hours yesterday weed-eating with our new electric weed-eater.  I love it as much as one can love a weed-eater.  It has two rechargeable batteries and starts with just a push of a button.  Thank you baby Jesus.  Then I put out more mulch around some trees.

We still have more mulch.  At this point, I'm sick of landscaping and yard work, but we've got to get that mulch out of the truck so there might be mulch around some strange things around our yard.  I'm glad we were able to spend this weekend together and thankful for those who have served and those that are still serving our country.  Without them, we wouldn't have these opportunities.

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