Growing: Babies and Gardens

I took the weekend off, but only from the computer.  Actually some of my time was spent on the computer, but I was up to my eyeballs in  I'm still hitting a bit of a road block on my father's side, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  It's almost overwhelming the amount of information out there though.  Just a little advice, if your grandparents are still with you, ask them to tell you all they know about the family.  It can be extremely helpful if you ever want to research your tree.  Also, claimed a two-week free trial, but they have already billed me.

I was so excited about going to my best friend's sisters baby shower on Saturday!  I have been friends with her since we were around 11 years old.  I remember when the sister that is having a baby was just a baby herself!

The shower was at the historic Shaker Tavern. I grew up a few miles away and had never been there! It was awesome!  I could just imagine the people of 1869 walking around and getting on and off the train.

Saturday morning before the baby shower, we got some mulch-y, manure-y dirt for the raised garden bed that we built last weekend.  We based our beds off of this blog post from Alicia of Project Alicia.  All our supplies cost about $150 and it was fairly easy to make.  So on Sunday, I planted seeds!

We are taking bets on what day we will see little green sprouts!  We are just experimenting this year.  One bed.  We've got some carrots, tomatoes, green beans and herbs.  If all goes well, we are thinking about building a couple more for next year.

The weekend went too quickly as always!  The kids only have until Thursday before their Summer break begins!  Then it'll be lounging around in our pj's for all!

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