BOO!! Did I Scare You?

I'm afraid of many things.  Spiders, centipedes, wasps, bees... basically anything with more than 4 legs creep me out.  Using a public restroom and having TP on my shoe, broccoli in my teeth, losing my flip flops...

But what is it that really scares me?  I have two things.

1.  Losing my family.  The day I became a mother I began living for someone else.  I'm sure most mother's would say the same thing.  I would do anything to protect my children from any harm.  As my two older kids approach their teenage years (my son is 13, oldest daughter is 11), I find that I worry more and more about that day when they will be driving/riding in cars with their friends and going out on *gasp* dates.  I may or may not have considered locking them in the basement when they start high school.

2.  Drowning.  This is pretty self explanatory.  I have determined that I must have died in this manner in a past life because my fear is that great.  At 34 years old, I've never learned to swim.  I love the water (ocean, beach, pools).  I just can't get too deep into the water or the anxiety kicks in.  This also goes to #1 as well because I freak out when the kids get too deep.  I fear they will start to drown and I won't be able to save them.  I know I need to learn to swim.  I want to learn to swim.  It's just hard to get through the wall of panic!

Do you have irrational fears?  What are you most afraid of?

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