Arrrrgh Ye Mateys!

Day 22. Rant about something.

You know what? I'm not feeling particularly "rant-y". Dare I say it?! Oh, what the Hell, I'll say it.

Things are going pretty well around my little corner of the world.

I hope I didn't just jinx us.  My husband losing his job a few weeks ago was nearly devastating, but since that day our life has become...  more.  It almost feels like a weight was lifted.

Don't get me wrong.  It was fairly scary at first, but I did not panic.  And y'all should know that I'm a panicker.  (Spell check tells me that isn't a word, but we all know it is, right?)  This whole situation has made me realize that things DO happen for a reason.  A reason that may not be immediately known to us, but just give it time.

Two weeks (to the day!) after losing his job, my husband began his new job.  A job that is closer to home.  He was driving 45 miles one way, now he drives 12.  A job that pays $4 less an hour.  Because of the location of the business, he doesn't have to pay certain taxes so he actually brings home more.  He gets home about an hour later, but he leaves later in the morning so I'm able to see him out every day.

His new job is a small business so they don't yet have 401k set up.  We cashed out what we had even though I didn't want to do so.  With that though, we were able to catch up bills and even make a couple of house payments in advance.  AND we bought a second vehicle.  She's no Spring chicken, but it's a well maintained truck that we were able to purchase outright so NO CAR PAYMENT.

Yes, I'm sure I could have rustled up something to rant about today, but I didn't want to bring down the good vibes.  The Universe hasn't always bestowed the best of luck on us and I'm not trying to poke her with a stick, ya know?!

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