A Month of Nails

It's been about a month since I've been actively growing out my nails.  Not biting them hasn't been as difficult as I had expected, but I've been super conscious of NOT biting.  I'm pretty amazed with the progress so far.
The first week was a struggle.  I didn't have the right combination of polishes.  They chipped and peeled before the end of the week.  
On week 2, I found a better top coat.  The polish lasted throughout the whole week with only a couple of small chips.  Not even noticeable chips.
By week 3, the nails do seem stronger and my cuticles have become less cracked.  I still didn't have any side splits, but... now I do.  One nail has split like this.  Except it's the other thumb nail.  I think I may have caught it on something.  I'm trying to just baby it and not give it too much attention.  
These are my nails now!  It's been a month since I've bitten them and I'm excited to see how I do for the next month!

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