The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013

I was happy to be able to participate in this year's Great Cloth Diaper Change last weekend.  Looking back on last year's change, I can't believe how much my wee little one has grown!

I'm sure potty training is in our near future.  I've ordered some cutesy trainers.  I'm a little sad about this whole process though.  I feel like once she's finally out of diapers, she won't be my baby anymore.  AHHH! I'm not ready to not have a baby.


  1. My young one is only 9 months, but I'm already losing my mind over the fact that he's mobile and starting to wean *sniff, sniff*. I feel, in a small way, your pain, Mama!!

    1. It just goes so quickly! I want to hit the slo-mo button on life.