Peach Tree Blossoms

The peach tree in our yard has sprouted what seems like thousands of blooms this year!  The bees are buzzing!

In years past, we've not had much luck with it.  It always starts out very well, but when the fruits begin to develop they have always ended up having a clear, jelly-like substance ooze from them.  Normally we aren't able to eat any of them.  Last year, we grabbed a very few early and they were edible, but small.

We thought the tree must have been diseased in some way.  We decided to cut off some sections that were obviously dead or half way there already.  It had one main trunk coming from the ground, but about a foot above that it branched out into two separate trunks.  We cut one whole side off and discovered that it was nearly hollow!  As we were leaning over the hole checking it out, a zillion ants came running out!

It's just the beginning of Spring, but already the tree looks healthier this year.  If all of the blossoms are any indication of the amount of peaches then we are going to be overflowing with them!

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