I've written this post a few times.  I've deleted it just as many times.  I try not to get too personal in this space, but sometimes life happens.  Sometimes you see it coming, sometimes you don't.

2013 is not looking kindly on our household.  Remember back in March when I had a meltdown about the IRS and our tax refund?  We are still waiting.  It's been 84 days/12 weeks since we filed.  I helped my Dad file his own taxes through TurboTax.  He received his PAPER check (not direct deposit) in the mail 15 days after we filed.  There are no amount of words to explain how frustrating this is.

We were finally in a good place.  We were just waiting on this refund to begin the processing to purchase our first home.  We'd been denied a loan through our local bank, but we'd managed to get offers from several lenders through Lending Tree.  Just waiting on that refund.

Then last Sunday, my husband was running late for work.  Working overtime like he does ALL THE TIME.  At a place he has been working at for EIGHT YEARS.  He made it to work on time, but had forgotten to take his medication for high blood pressure.  That is a whole different post, but suffice to say when I found out how high his blood pressure had become I nearly had a heart attack of my own.  Less than an hour into his shift, he began to feel bad.  He's started to get a headache and sat down (after looking over what he was supposed to look over)and put his head in his hands.  The next thing he knows he's being awakening by one of the supervisors.

He was simply told to go home and call the head of the Human Resources department the next day, Monday.  Not able to explain that something was wrong, that he'd missed his medication that morning.

On Monday morning, before having the opportunity to even speak with anyone from supervisors to the HR dept., he was told that "they" had decided to "terminate his employment".  Eight years of employment.  Only the second infraction in EIGHT YEARS and....

WHAM!  Sucker punch.  It was devastating.

Obviously, we are actively fighting this.  I've never seen my husband spend more time on a phone.  He hates talking on the phone.  All of his efforts have definitely shown this company that he values his job and the company.  They have paid off just a bit because he's been able to get a meeting (finally) with the general manager of the entire plant today.  I don't know what to expect, but I'm trying to be positive.  The outlook is bleak though, but that's not stopping him from trying.  And I'm proud of him for not giving up on something he believes in.

It's definitely a trying time right now, but I'm thankful for so many things.  Those are the things I'm trying to put my focus on.  Staying strong for my family and making it work.

UPDATE:  The meeting went as we feared it would go.  The general manager used the good old excuse of "we are cracking down" on employees for even minor infractions "because an example has to be set".  He wouldn't even consider anything my husband had to say.  It's going to be hard.  So hard.


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