Color in Motion 5K coming to Kentucky!

The Color in Motion 5K is a great way to help support organizations.  And look awesome while doing it!

Color in Motion is a fun 5K run where you can run, walk, skip, or even dance your way to the finish line while being camouflage in COLOR from head to toe!  As you make your way through this 5K, there are four color stations where our wonderful volunteers throw color on you!

Think you'd like to give it a try?!  I've got great news!  The Color in Motion 5K is coming to Lebanon, Ky on May 11th, 2013!  For this race, the charities are the Lane Goodwin Childhood Cancer Foundation, Dream Factory, Active Heroes, and NC4K.  How cool is it that this one event can support four charities?!

The 5K run is not the only thing worth coming for!  Color in Motion COLOR PARTY is where all you color chasers join together after the run to enjoy music, dance, and best of all throw color!  This run makes memories that will last a lifetime, which anyone of any age can be part of and enjoy all the same!  Doesn't this sound fun?!

You can sign up today by clicking here and don't forget to use the promo code "timeforcolor" for a 15% discount for the event!  Registration is now open!  Learn more by visiting their Facebook page.

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