BISSELL and the Baby

Every parent knows the joys of stepping on a wayward LEGO or little green Army man.  Who knew that such a small little brick could cause so much pain to ones foot.  But who can resist building with them?!  Even at 34, I love to sit down and build a town, a car, a plane with the LEGOS we've collected over the years.

How often have I accidentally vacuumed up a LEGO?  A few times, but more often than not, the brick would get stuck in the brush.  Loudly stuck in the brush.  I've never searched through the bag or, when I went bagless, the receptacle for that rogue brick.  So when I was contacted about trying out a BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo, I was curious.  They said that it was great at picking up those little rogue bricks.  I was skeptical.

It worked!  Later that day my daughter spilled half a cup of her cereal.  I immediately grabbed the BISSELL and swept them right up!  The debris container is easy to remove so clean up was easy!

I've been using it every morning to quickly sweep up my kitchen floor.  It really is a handy tool.  It's lightweight, easy to use, and has a great rechargeable battery.  Our 20 month old loves helping out and sweeping up with it.
Mom's Little Helper from Christine Bewley on Vimeo.

Excuse the messy kitchen (and the oven timer)! At least the floors are clean!

Find out more about BISSELL on their webpage, Facebook, and Twitter.

*I was provided with a sample of this product.  All opinions are my own.

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