Mad Men Fashion

I recently discovered Mad Men on Netflix.  I know I am behind the times.  In classic "I just found this TV series on Netflix" fashion, I watched all available episodes in a little over a week.

Anyway, that's not really my point.  I have always felt I was born in the wrong era.  Seeing this show, I fell in love with the costumes!  Love, love, love!

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I would wear these dresses.  I wish I could wear these dresses as well as these ladies do though!  In fact, I went on a Pinterest pinning spree looking for patterns.

Look how skinny these chicks waists are and how sizes have been skewed over the years!  I've never tried to sew anything of this size before.  Challenge accepted!  Now to find some vintage or vintage looking fabric.

P.S.  A few years ago I found a bunch of old photos.  This one is of my Dad and his first wife.  OMG... he's Don Draper.

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