Google vs. Bing

I'm sure you've all seen the Bing commercial that has people comparing search results.  How seemingly everyone chooses Bing.

I'm a Google user.  I abuse what Google has to offer.  I have a Google Blogger blog, use Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar.  My internet browser?  Google Chrome.  I even have Chrome on my phone.  Which is an Android so I also use the Google Play store.

So I went to the Bing It On site to do my own research.

Results on a search for a campground
You do five searches and choose which of the two side-by-side comparisons you prefer.  I chose the result on the left which was most like what I was used to seeing on my Google search.

Now here is what an actual search on Bing looks like:

Here is what an actual search on Google looks like:

According to the Bing results,  I did chose Google on this search.

Second search was on Chattanooga.

Again I chose the result on the left because it looked most like what I would see on a Google search.  According to the Bing It On site, the left was Bing results.

Actual Bing results:

Not too bad actually, but I don't like the Social Results on the right sidebar.  I have a real problem with EVERYTHING being linked to Facebook.  I avoid it as much as I can.

Actual Google results:

This is nice, this is clean.  Easy to navigate.  But honestly, not that much different from the other result.

Ok, let's try something simple.  Dogs.

Bing It On results.  I chose the image on the left.  Which, according to Bing It On, was Bing.  Making that lack luster result on the right, Google.  Supposedly.

Here is an actual Google search result:

I did the same thing with a search on cats.  The results looked nearly identical to the Bing It On search of dogs.  Again, according to Bing, I chose Bing over Google.  Except when I did a search through Google, I got results that looked nothing like the Bing It On results for Google.

Why do businesses over exaggerate themselves?  Do they not think that people will do research for themselves?  Moral of this story is that I'll continue to use Google.  As a bonus, did you know that Google offers an Earth friendly search engine called Earthle?  You can learn more about this service by clicking here.

Do you use Google?

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