Yarn, Yarn, Yarn

I suddenly have a strong urge to buy lots and lots of yarn!  To make lots and lots of little knitted things!

I've made one thing with my Knook.  A scarf.

Though I can now check an item off of my list of goals for the year.  #28 - finish my first "knitting" project with the Knook.  I think that knitting with the Knook would probably be faster than traditional knitting, but I wanted to learn to do it the real way.

Insert Ravelry.  Have you been to this site?!  Oh my geez... patterns and patterns and patterns.  I thought that for starters I should stick with something super basic.  Like a nice square washcloth.

Woo hoo!  I knitted something.  Like, for real y'all.  With needles and stuff.  

Ok, to be honest, this is the second washcloth.  The first one I made I was a bit confused on the pattern.  Instead of a basketweave pattern, it was just chunky lines.  Oops!  It'll still wash my butt though! Ha!

With this, I can now check another item off of my list!  #29 - learn to knit with knitting needles!

You can find the Basketweave Baby Washcloth on Ravelry or her site and it's free.
Needles:  US 8 - 5mm (10 in. long)
Yarn: I Love This Yarn in Gelato Stripe (for both the Knook project and the washcloth)

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