When Did That Happen

I swear I haven't fallen off the Earth.  The days just seem to be zooming by and before I know it, it's been almost two weeks since I last posted!

I was browsing through my Flickr earlier today.  I was looking to clean it up a bit.  I ran across some photos of the kids.  Photos that don't seem like I took them that long ago, but what the...?!  They have changed so much in just a short amount of time!

Day 10

This was Neil in January of 2011. He looks so little to me!

And what about this one.


Holy moley... August of 2007. He is 8, she is 6.

Remember when this happened?

Rowan storyboard

To me this feels like it just happened, but it's been 18 months.

Dear Universe,
Can you slow down a bit please? Thanks in advance.

Sincerely, A Mom of Three Kids Who Are Growing Up TOO FAST!

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