This is NOT a Resolution List

Who makes resolutions for the New Year?  Everyone.  Who actually keeps those resolutions?  Like 5% of people.  At least I think it's like 5%, because I've never actually kept one myself.

Last year I made a list of 52 goals.  I only accomplished 11 of them.  I love the idea of having set goals for the year.  I just think I made too many.  This year I've compiled a new list.  Some of these goals are holdovers from last year, some are new.  There is no way I'll do 52 again so this time around I'm aiming for 30.  Thirty is a good number, right?  Here's my list:

1.  (a). Read 25 books.
     (b). Ten of those 25 - Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles
2.  See 5 movies in the theater.
3.  Save $500.
4.  Back up all photos to disc.
5.  Visit a National Park.
6.  Visit a State Park.
7.  Thirty days without soda.
8.  Start a compost.
9.  Create a living will and last will.
10. Build a fenced area for dog.
11. Eat supper at the dinner table at least once a week.
12. Begin selling crafts online.
13. Rent a dumpster/clean out basement.
14. Clean out garage and carport.
15. Paint bedroom.
16. Landscape yard.
17. Get the chimney cleaned.
18. Buy new towels!
19. Refurb the bathroom.
20. Read to Rowan everyday before nap time.
21. Stop biting my nails!!!
22. Plant a garden.
23. Send out Christmas cards.
24. Begin an exercise program.
25. Eat less red meat.
26. Focus on losing inches, not lbs.
27. Photo a Day project!
28. Finish my first knitting project with the Knook.
29. Learn to knit with knitting needles.
30. Watch 15 unseen movies on Netflix.

I'm already a list maker for everything so having a set visual list of things to accomplish really helps me.  Do you have goals set for your year?

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