An Unsaid Goal

I think the goal that I was most disappointed in myself for dropping the ball on last year was seeing five movies in the theater.  Going to the movies can be really expensive though!  Unbelievably expensive.  Like there is no reason for a ticket to cost that much.  And we all know how ridiculous the price of concessions can be.

Months before The Hobbit hit theaters (as soon as the previews hit TV), my son told me that I was taking him to see it.  He'd already read the book and I didn't see any problem taking him.  It came out and we didn't go.  I just kept putting it off because we really couldn't afford that extra expense.

I had the most funkalicious week last week.  I don't know why the funk set upon me.  I just know I was mopey all week long.  Blah... blah... blah...

Sunday morning I woke up to the Sun shining bright and I felt good.  I made a grocery list, decided to take my son to the movies, realized we didn't really have the money to go, woke him up and went anyway.

It's that old "you only live once" syndrome.  YOLO y'all!  Except that's not true.  You live EVERY DAY.  But are you really living?  Because we're not.  We are just getting by.  Moving from day to day.  And it stinks.

So I took my son to the movies.  We saw The Hobbit.  It was the first time, in I can't remember how long, that I spent the day just relaxing.  Not worried about what time it was or where I had to be.

So I guess the biggest goal for me this year is to live!  Stop being so worried, so frustrated.

And the movie??  It was meh...  I haven't read the book, but my son said the movie did not follow the book and he was a little disappointed.  Special effects were great, but for me, it didn't live up to the previous LOTR movies.

On to the next!

**For the record, I can not stand that whole YOLO crap.  I want to punch people who use it in the face.  Please do not punch me in the face.  kthxbai

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