People are Stupid

Or how my mother and youngest daughter kept me from knocking some heads together.

M'kay so today was the annual Christmas parade in our town.  NOT my hometown.  I've never attended a Christmas parade.  I don't recall having them when I was growing up.  Maybe we did, but seeing as how I lived smack dab in the middle of town, you'd think I'd remember if we did have any.  I'm glad that it was 60F+ today, but didn't really put me in the Christmas spirit when I could have been wearing my flip flops.  Which I didn't wear... what is wrong with me?!

I took my two older kids to the school to get their instruments ready and get some practice in before the parade.  This was at 12:15pm and the parade didn't start until 2pm.  I ran to my Mom's to waste a little time. An hour (AN HOUR!!) before the parade was scheduled to begin, I decide we should probably head toward downtown to find a parking spot for both the car and our behinds.  I barely found a parking spot, whipping it into the last spot available at RiteAid.  We find a spot to take in the view.

As soon as the parade began, fourteen thousand people (really only about 15 or so), adults and children, walk in front of us, in the road, and plant themselves there for the entire parade.  One little boy kept snatching any and every piece of candy he could find.  Even if it was in another kids hand.  I kept asking him and others to please step back because there were smaller children behind them.  Finally I had to get hateful about it because Candy Thief would not move.  When he finally did scoot over, his mother puts her arm around him and informs him that he can stand anywhere he pleases, don't listen to me, and shoots me the dirtiest look.  My brain was screaming, "EXCUSE ME LADY!!!"  Well, that absolutely explained why her kid had no respect for the other kids or adults.

I saw no less than 5 kids come perilously close to being run over by large farm machinery, tractor trailer wreckers, and other vehicles.  They were so interested in grabbing that random piece of candy that they weren't paying any attention to their safety.  The parents were too busy pointing out the random pieces of candy that they weren't paying any attention to their safety either!

To make the whole experience even better, when we returned to our car some arsehole had parked perpendicular to our car and two others.  Completely blocking us in.  I wasn't in a hurry because the traffic was insane, but seriously dude?  I waited for him to return because well, what else was I going to do?  I'm proud of myself though because I didn't curse him like my brain was screaming at me to do.  I told him he was disrespectful, rude, and inconsiderate.  And to have a nice Christmas.  The lady in the minivan next to us was less than friendly.  She cursed him like a sailor.

Don't cha just love the Christmas spirit?!

Needless to say, my first Christmas parade experience was less than stellar and will probably be my last Christmas parade experience.

In other news, Karen from A Peek at Karen's World has nominated my blog in her 2012 Blog Awards in the category of Best Kept Secret!  I'm so honored!  This totally makes me say, "Aww shucks!"  Thank you, Karen!  Now everyone go to her blog right now and vote!  You have until December 7th!

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