December Photo A Day

I've been working on doing FatMumSlim's Photo A Day project all year.  I've done better on some months than on others.  Last month I did a horrible job of keeping up.  I finally just kind of gave up and decided I'd resolve to do better in December.

December 1st -- 8 o'clock
First Saturday of the month!  I got to sleep in so when 8 o'clock rolled around I was still staring up at the ceiling fan in my bedroom. 

December 2nd -- peace
 Today's prompt was "peace".  I don't get much time for peace in our busy days, but I took a few minutes to download a new game on the Wii and spent some peaceful quality time with my older kids.

December 3rd -- something you held
Ah yes... something I held...  My breath at my son's basketball game.  New coach this year, opposing teams that do a full court press at MIDDLE SCHOOL basketball games like they think this is the NBA... and our players are playing like this year's UK team.  

After this week, I'll start posting a weekly wrap up on Sunday.  I don't want to flood your Reader!  Are you doing FatMumSlim's Photo A Day challenge for December?  Leave me a comment so I can come by and check out your photos.  Don't put them on your blog?  No problem!  I'm on Instagram too!

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  1. VOTED!! I also forget all about these monthly projects! HAHA

    1. Thanks!! I have to put the image of the prompts everywhere so I remember. The lock screen on my phone, the lock screen on my iPad, the background on my laptop... I really have no excuse to miss days! Haha!