Cost of Living Increase

Let's go back.  W-A-Y back to August of 2011.  I embarked on a mission to create a mobile for my daughter because the ones that I loved were way too expensive.  You can find the post here.  I was scanning through old posts the other day when I ran across this one and was shocked at the price changes of the mobiles that I was previously coveting.

Bird Mobile - GraceandJane - $55
In 2011, this mobile was $50, now it's $55.  That's not too much of an increase, this is acceptable.

Felt Forest - hingmade - $125
This mobile was only $70 in 2011, now it's a whopping $125.  This is NOT acceptable.  I was shocked to see how much of an increase this mobile has incurred.  I thought that $70 was too much, but an extra $45 on top of that.  Um... no thank you.

Crocheted Bees and Flowers - creationfaeries - $100
This mobile was in the "more" category so I'm actually not sure how much it cost in 2011, but IF I were going to pay $100 for a mobile, it would probably be one like this.  The crocheted cuteness is almost too much to handle.

Have you ever gone back to look at an Etsy listing that you loved to find that the price has dramatically increased or decreased?

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