Day 3, Wash 2

Yesterday was Day 3 of my self imposed No Poo challenge!

Day 3 - Baking Soda wash, Apple Cider Vinegar rinse, gentle blow dry, flat ironed
I only waited one day before doing a second "wash".  I probably could have waited longer.  My hair hadn't become oily or dirty looking, I just felt I needed to wash it.  Old habits and all.

But see that's the thing about shampoos and washing your hair.  It's a vicious cycle.  Your head naturally produces oils.  Oils to help protect your scalp and hair.  When you wash your hair daily or just too often, it triggers your hair follicles to produce more oil because you've shampooed away what was already there.  Basically it means your head overproduces oil and your hair gets oily so you wash it which makes your head produce more oil which makes you wash it... again and again.  See where I'm coming from?

We over wash.  We over process.  We overuse product.

Several people suggested purchasing a boar bristle (or other natural bristle) brush and brushing your hair for at least 5-10 minutes at a time.  This is to help distribute the natural oils throughout your hair.  I tend to have static in my hair, especially in the Winter when everything is already dry.  I've had a natural bristle brush in the past, but it creates too much static for me so I've tried to make a point of brushing my hair with my non-boar bristle brush every time I use the bathroom.  With a 16th month old, I don't have time to stand around in the bathroom for 10 minutes at a time just brushing my hair.  So far, a couple of minutes of brushing several times a day is working for me.  

So today is Day 4.  I'm not washing today.  I'm not going to wash tomorrow either.  Another update in a few days.

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