And Now It's the End of November

I haven't written a blog post in a week.  And before that was another week. And so on and so forth... I just haven't been feeling it.  I've hit the blogging speed bump.  I'll try to do better.  I swear.

Even my "photo a day" has fallen off the past few weeks.  Do you know what hasn't fallen off?  Besides the "baby" weight that's still going strong after 16 months?  (I kid, but seriously... it won't go away.)  My resolve to go "no poo".  I've stuck with it.  I can tell you that my hair feels just as soft, if not softer, using the baking soda/apple cider vinegar routine compared to my old shampoo/conditioner routine.  I know I don't have to wash my hair as often and it's become healthier because of it.  I also know I'm not being forced to spend $10 every couple of weeks on chemical filled shampoos and conditioners either.  It's a win-win.

Other random things I've been doing while not blogging...

Pretending to be a Russian chick named Svetlana at thrift stores.
Untangling this gem from my son...
who accidentally left them in his jeans pocket.
Yes, they were washed AND dried.
But still work! 
Drinking my fair share of flavored vodkas (Svetlana would be proud!)
Sewing pajamas for da baby!
And breaking TWO brand new twin needles in doing so...
 because I'm awesome like that.
Probably had something to do with all that vodka...

And finally...
Chillin' in the waiting room at the eye doctor,
getting my check up,
waitin' my two weeks for new glasses.
I know you are beside yourself with amazement and wonder at the exciting things I'm sharing with you.  I haven't even covered all the bazillions of basketball practices I've had to pick my son up from, or the STLP meetings, or the Junior Beta meetings, or the band meetings.  And let us not forget the two or three basketball games we attend every week.

The life of a mommy socialite is EXHAUSTING y'all!  Just kidding!  ...  ... No, really... I'm exhausted.

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