I don't get many comments around these parts too often.  When I get notification that I've received three comments in an hour this morning on yesterday's post, I was kind of excited.

Then I read them.


When you write a comment ANONYMOUSLY here are some tips:

  • Don't ask me to email you.  I can't do that if you don't leave an email address to reply to you.
  • Don't leave a link to your "site".  I'm not clicking it.
  • If you are legitimately asking me a question, use the Contact tab.
  • If you are legitimately interested or impressed by my blog, don't make it obvious that you didn't thoroughly look it over.  

Dear Spammer,
     Don't play with my emotions like this!  I get super excited when I see I have a comment.  If I come to approve it and see it's your ridiculous spam....  

I haz a sad.


       Actually Seeking Real Comments

EDITED TO ADD:  I have received multiple spam comments on this very post.  Anonymous spam comments.  Obviously these are computer generated or just ridiculously ignorant people.  FOR THE RECORD, this blog is COPYRIGHTED.  So those little spam comments (thank goodness Blogger is catching them!!) asking to use my blog posts or portions there of are NOT GIVEN PERMISSION to do so.  If I find any portion or portions of ANY of my blog posts or images elsewhere on the web, I will take legal action.


  1. I hate spam comments. I think I changed my settings so that anonymous comments aren't allowed. It made my comment totals drop, but I don't get any more spam, which is a good thing.

    1. Oh I had forgotten I could do that! Thanks for reminding me! Lately it's just become crazy!

  2. Agreed. Spam comments suck!

    Love your letter to spammers :)

    1. Thanks! I was just so dumbfounded by the amount of spam I was getting all at one time. It's slacked off a bit though. Probably because I haven't blogged a new post in weeks! Eep!