I don't get many comments around these parts too often.  When I get notification that I've received three comments in an hour this morning on yesterday's post, I was kind of excited.

Then I read them.


When you write a comment ANONYMOUSLY here are some tips:

  • Don't ask me to email you.  I can't do that if you don't leave an email address to reply to you.
  • Don't leave a link to your "site".  I'm not clicking it.
  • If you are legitimately asking me a question, use the Contact tab.
  • If you are legitimately interested or impressed by my blog, don't make it obvious that you didn't thoroughly look it over.  

Dear Spammer,
     Don't play with my emotions like this!  I get super excited when I see I have a comment.  If I come to approve it and see it's your ridiculous spam....  

I haz a sad.


       Actually Seeking Real Comments

EDITED TO ADD:  I have received multiple spam comments on this very post.  Anonymous spam comments.  Obviously these are computer generated or just ridiculously ignorant people.  FOR THE RECORD, this blog is COPYRIGHTED.  So those little spam comments (thank goodness Blogger is catching them!!) asking to use my blog posts or portions there of are NOT GIVEN PERMISSION to do so.  If I find any portion or portions of ANY of my blog posts or images elsewhere on the web, I will take legal action.

Making Good

I've made good on my word to myself to put more effort into my life.  In doing so I haven't been as involved in the internet these past few days (weeks!), but I'm working on trying to fit it all in to a day.

Check these out:

BOOYA!  I'm proud of those puppies**... err.. booties!  I made a couple of pairs of these and some cute little slippers too.

I was so very excited to get them listed online.  Then I got a terrifying letter in the mail from the Kentucky Department of Revenue (KDoR). 

Back story:  If you sell anything in the state of KY, online or in person, you must have a KY Sales and Use Tax number.  When selling online, I don't have to charge tax to everyone, just those who live in KY.  I've had my Sales and Use Tax number for a few years.  I've sold a few things here and there, but never enough to really even file taxes on.

Every month the KDoR would send me a form to fill out and return that listed my profits and what not.  You fill it out, write a check (if you owe tax), and mail it back.  Even if you don't have any sales, you must file out the paperwork and file.  I did that every month for a little over a year.  Because I filled in more paperwork with zeroes on it than I care to admit, the KDoR sent me a letter letting me know that they were going to start sending me the forms on a yearly basis instead of monthly.  Hallelujah!  I was really getting tired of filling in all those little zeroes.

Fast forward to last June when I got my paperwork to fill out and return.  Oops!  I forgot to file.  I called the KDoR.  The forgiving woman on the other end of the phone told me it was no problem.  That they could just send me a new form, I fill it out, I return it.  *brushes off hands*  Done.  So I did just that.  I even filled out all the little do-dads to change the name of my business and corrected THEIR ERROR on my address.

*tick*  *tock*

*tick* *tock*

Until last week, I have heard NOTHING from the Kentucky Department of Revenue.    Now I opened up my letter last week thinking it was a letter along the lines of "we finally processed your name change".  Except no, it was a bill.

A BILL FOR $622.37!!!

Urm.... not only no, but HELL NAH!  Of course, I mowed down everything in my path to get to the phone to call them.  Of course, I got a guy who I could literally hear his eyes roll every time I tried to speak.  He would not let me finish a sentence without interrupting me or audibly sighing in the phone.  I was so frustrated.  Every single time I opened my mouth to explain anything to Eye Roll Guy, he would interrupt me and tell me that I hadn't paid my taxes.  I could not make him understand that I didn't pay any taxes because I HADN'T SOLD ANYTHING to pay taxes on!  He even had the balls to ask me if I'd sold anything "under the table".  Gah!!!  I wanted to punch him in the face.

Now it all boils down to this... He terminated my business as of 2010 so I wouldn't be libel for the "unpaid" taxes in 2011.  (Unpaid because I didn't OWE THEM.)  But in doing that, I now have no Sales and Use Tax number and have to go through the process of reapplying.

*loud, audible sigh of my own*

I can't seem to win.

**DISCLAIMER:  Booties are not made of actual puppies.  


I seem to have forgotten that I have a blog!  I'm still alive and kicking, just not spending as much time online.

I have some ideas I'm throwing around.  Considering starting a business.  I have nervous doubts though.  There seem to be a million WAH moms out there that are also throwing ideas around and considering starting a business.  I know it's my doubts and "what if's" that are holding me back.

I just need to bite the bullet and take the plunge and any other cliche that fits this situation.  Stop doubting myself and make it happen.