What Chu Talkin' Bout....

There are a few "For Sale in..." groups on Facebook in my area of the world.  I've joined a couple because let's face it, it's like a year around yard sale through the internet.  This morning I came across a couple of posts by a woman that really pushed me over the edge.  The grammar and spelling edge.

I am not perfect in any way with my own grammar and spelling.  I think I do okay though.  I don't come across as the most well educated person on the planet, but I don't think I look like I've never had any school either.

U thnk its ok 2 rite ths way?  To use "mi" instead of "my"?  "R" instead of "are"?  "Rly" instead of "really"?  This list could probably go on forever.  I am guilty of occasionally using "text speak", however, I use it while texting my friend.  

How does this relate to a "For Sale" site on Facebook?  

This screen capture just happens to be one woman, but I've seen several different people use bad grammar and/or spelling.  Examples in this first photo include:

1.  newheres - If you aren't quite sure what you are reading here, let me break it down.  N-E-WHERES.  Normally words (that aren't really words at all) like this one are reserved for we Southerners to use in a face to face situation.  Much like "over yonder", there is a place to use these quaint sayings.  Trying to sell your items over the internet IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

2.  n there - How hard would it have been for her to stick an "i" in front of that "n"?  Lazy.

3.  sheles - I'm just going to go ahead and guess this was supposed to be "shelves".  A simple mistake that I probably shouldn't criticize, but because that little cell phone icon indicates that she posted from her smartphone, auto correct should have taken care of that.   

No punctuation.  Misspellings or "text" spellings.  Ugh.  I feel like I have to work twice as hard to read it!  Don't even get me started on having "tons of stuff that i needa get rid of".

I didn't come across another pet peeve this morning to screen capture, but I've seen it used often.  Using the wrong words and plainly feeling they are the correct word.  When you post something "for sell", say you need to "sale" something, or any derivative of that, I do a bad thing.  I judge.  It's not "for sell", it's "FOR SALE".  You don't have something you need to "sale" (unless it's a boat and then you spelled it wrong, it's SAIL), you have something you need to "SELL".

I know that I should not judge others.  Glass houses and all.  I just can't help my brain from immediately going there.  I don't think blame can be placed on any one specific person, place, or thing.  I think it should be noted that my children, ages 11 and (almost) 13, have never had grammar homework.  The last time I can recall them having spelling homework was when they were in the 4th grade.  In the 5th grade their spelling tests were multiple choice.  With the advancement of cell phones and text messaging, grammar and spelling classes NEED to be revamped and reinstated in our schools.

Does your local school system still teach grammar classes? Or spelling?  Thoughts?

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  1. Amen!!! I agree that there is a time and place for some variations of writing/spelling, such as text messaging and such. I have no formal training of spelling/grammar other than what I was taught in high school. Back then, we were taught spelling and grammar. It kills me to try to read anything anymore, even our local newspaper. I don't think it should be classified as "judging" because the act of basic writing SHOULD be the rule instead of the exception. It is amazing to me that teenagers these days can't spell or even know how to fill out a check!! Yes, I was totally shocked that a client of ours couldn't tell me what the check number was AND had to ask me how to fill out a check!! What?! Seriously?! I should add that she was 19 years old. Our society will surely fail if things don't change...and soon!!