Merry Go Round

I realized this weekend that I really need to get out of this house.  I spend entirely too much time in these four walls.  The weather has become absolutely beautiful here.  Shades of Autumn have arrived and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!  

I decided that in the spirit of getting off my ass I'd take the wee babe to the park this morning.  There is a great paved walking path.  One trip around and I came to the stark realization that I am more than out of shape.  I'm like a walking Jello mold.

*jiggle, jiggle*

Good times were had though. 

Ro is a huge fan of the slow moving merry go round.  She talked and giggled the whole time.  The playground isn't exactly toddler friendly though.  She kept pointing to the slides and grunting so I helped her up to one.  I forgot it was still fairly early in the morning though.

Wet butt syndrome.  A disease that plagues mothers of babies and toddlers across the world.  

How could I be upset?  Look at that cute little face!

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