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Back at the end of July, we took a little mini vacation to the beach.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about going back to the beach since we returned.  I would love to live closer so I could escape for little trips to the sand, Sun, and water.  This year we camped, but I've been obsessively scoping out potential vacation homes for next year.

I decided to do a little search of homes for sale in the area on a whim.  WOWZA! Did I find an awesome place...  for only $2.95 million dollars.  I mean, that's just pocket change, right?

Front entrance
This is a two-story penthouse with an insane 5,226 square feet of living space.  It has five bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Most of the floors are made of travertine tile and I like the neutral color.  Even the paint isn't too bad.  I have no idea if the paintings/drawings on the staircase wall are all wonky like that because of the fisheye lens used in photographing them or they are just wonky on purpose.  I really hope it's the photography.

The living room space is beautiful!  I wouldn't have any need for that big ol' piano in the corner, I'd be too busy staring through the windows at the great view.  With three kids, the white furniture wouldn't work for me.

Looking at the living room space from the opposite direction, you can see a little glimpse of the dining room. I'm not sure that I like the wet bar right there in the living room.  The kitchen can't possibly be so far away that you need those so close at hand.  In fact, the kitchen is located (in this photo) just to the right of the mini fridge!

Here is the ever important television.  Crowded into a corner with a fireplace.  Why on Earth the nice, fluffy, comfy sofas aren't in front of that fireplace, I'll never know.  In fact, I would probably do away with those uncomfortable looking chairs altogether.

Love the kitchen!  Stainless steel KitchenAid appliances, double ovens, sink in the island, etc. etc.  Love it, love it, love it.  Can I cook something in there PLEASE?!  Get rid of the big ol' honkin' out of place television hanging on the wall though.

Master bedroom is 18x18 with it's own balcony.  Swanky.  There is a chandelier in here too.  Swankier.

Oh looky... more chandeliers!  The master bath is nice though.  Two vanities and that spa tub are winners!

This closet is the size of my house.  That is all I can say about that.

Other bedrooms:

All rather nice and seem to be fairly roomy as bedrooms go.  This listing says these rooms range from 19x13 to 12x14.  I like how the rooms seem to be mostly light and airy.

Other bathrooms:

Ahhh here we go, "normal" bathrooms!  Two with tub/shower combos and two with just showers.  The green bathroom looks kind of out of place with it's nicely tiled corner shower, wall sconce lighting, and really cool bowl sink.  It feels like they ran out of money on the bathroom fixtures after the master and green baths and just threw in "regular" bath fixtures in the other three.

Last, but not least, is the wrap around porch/balcony.  Oh my stars...  there is 2,600 square feet of outdoor living space in this home.  I'm not sure we'd ever be able to use that much space, but I'd love to try!


More images and info can be found here.

Google's Street View
All images from realty listing found herehere and Google Maps.

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