Farm Livin'

One of the local farmer's markets sponsors Farm Days every third Thursday of the month.  We get to visit different local farms, see their animals, sample some local meat and produce, and generally have a good time.  Something is always going on and I've not been able to attend one.  Until last night!

The husband and I took the baby and headed to Crooked Creek Farms.  They raise their animals the right way.  In pastures, free to move about the country as they see fit.  During the tour, someone actually asked why they didn't have their pigs penned up.  Her answer made me respect their farm and practices even more.  She asked him if he'd be comfortable stuck in an elevator with 20 other people all day.  She said they felt the animals were happier and do better being able to move around the pastures.  She also said they felt the meat tasted better as well.  We've purchased meat from their farm before at the farmer's market.  The best pork chops we've ever eaten.  I'm not sure if it's the pastures or the fact that they don't use growth hormones and all that extra CRAP that goes into other meats, but we could definitely tell a difference.

Hay ride to check out the pumpkin patch!

When I first heard people talking about this Pig Candy iced cream from Meltdown {simply delectable iced cream}, I was a little skeptical.  Oh my goodness y'all!  It's the best ice cream ever!  Made with local sweet cream and whole milk, it's a maple flavored ice cream with... wait for it.... BACON in it!  Do you see those little bits?  Bacon from Crooked Creek Farms!  

The biggest peppers I've ever seen!

She wasn't sure about the watermelon at first.

But she warmed up to it pretty quickly!

The sunset was absolutely beautiful!  I couldn't get enough.

Aw... look at my sweeties!

More gorgeous views.

No farm would be complete without a friendly, kiss giving, dog.

I couldn't get enough of the cute little piglets roaming around with the chickens.

This visit just renewed my interest in having a larger garden next year.  I wouldn't mind having a couple of chickens either.  I highly encourage you to visit your local farmers markets or local farms.  There just is no comparison between the local produce/meats with what's in the grocery store.

Support your local business.  Support your local farmers.  Bring home better tasting, fresh food.  It's a WIN-WIN!

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