Ewww!! Bugs!!!

I have never been a fan of bugs, insects, creepy crawlies, or anything with more than four legs.  Creepy looking, scratchy legs... *shiver*

That being said, my Dad has no problem with them.  So when I stepped out of the back door last week and there was a praying mantis on the railing, I freaked out and Dad jumped with glee.

He was nonchalantly cleaning his wee little scratchy (and really creepy!!!) legs.  He didn't seem scared of us in the slightest.  I was ready to scream like a little girl at any moment if he were to jump or fly in my direction.

I did think he was super icky, but was in awe of his stealthy nature.  He was the exact same shade of green as the grass.  If we didn't know he was there, he'd have blended in beautifully.

We put him down on one of our cloths line posts.  A few minutes later he was gone.  He flew away as quickly as he showed up.  Glad I had my camera ready, but poor Dad walked around with a pouty lip 'cause  his little friend was gone.

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