The Google Monster

I'm sure there is an article out there in Internet Land that details how you are supposed to use Google+.  I've not found it.  Though I haven't really been looking for it either.

I have a Google+ account.  I have a "personal" one and one for the blog.  Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to make a post and then go to all the bazillions of social media to post a link to said blog post?  Even more annoying is having to post to two separate Google+ pages.

How many of my fellow bloggers or blog readers have separate accounts?  One for themselves and then one for their blog?  I'm seriously considering giving the blog account the ax.

I mean... does anyone actually find Google+ useful?  Am I even doing it right?

What a sad excuse for a blog post I've got going on here....

Oh the shame...

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