Country Grammar

Hey y'all, it's FRIDAY!  Wooo hooo!  Am I right?

Last night (or maybe the night before) I saw a commercial for some new singing competition show.  I can't remember who the other 2 or 3 judges were, but I saw Nelly.  And that got me to thinkin'... man I haven't heard a good Nelly song is


At one point in time I had all his albums.   Country Grammar came out in 2000 and I have to say we listened to it so much our one year old son started telling us that fish don't fry in the kitchen and beans don't burn on grill.

I miss that.  So to send us all off on a wonderfully carefree weekend, let me supply some background music!

Just so ya know... I hate censored videos.  Ugh....

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