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I'm always looking at real estate websites.  We aren't really in the market to move right now, but I love to be a lookie loo.  I recently shared a local home that was also featured on one of my favorite blogs.  It got me to thinking.  I said, "Self, we should feature a home of the week.  We're always finding something worth showing to other people."  TADA!  Home of the week has been born.

This week it's another semi-local home.  Located in Bowling Green, Ky, this 6,024 sq. ft. home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms and sits on 0.36 acres.

I love the floor in the entry way.  Though I think the current owner has a little too much going on here.  The pink hanging lamp isn't all that appealing either.

The kitchen seems cozy.  I love the double ovens in the wall, the floors, and the bright red walls.  There isn't much counter space though there is the bar area for extra space.

It looks like the dining room is just off the kitchen since they carried over the red walls.  There isn't much I can say about this room except... WOW would you look at that chandelier??

I love that there are fireplaces in the bedrooms.  The current owners have no problem with using color on their walls as well which I find wonderful because who wants to see (or live) in an all white house?  Ick.

It's listed at $499,000, you can find the listing and more photos here.

Do you like the way the house looks now?  What would change or keep the same?

*Images from house listing.

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  1. a little too "busy" for me but I love all the color and the floor in the entryway !!!!!