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Oops!  Wrote up this post last week and forgot to hit "Publish"!

This week's house is coming to you from the great state of Tennessee.  Nashville to be exact.

Located at 3715 West End Avenue, this 5,889 square foot house built in 1920, has three bedrooms, three  and a half bathrooms, and a pool house.  Listed at $2,699,000.

The entryway seems pretty traditional and I love the banister on those stairs.  The doorways seems so large! The molding around those doorways and the ceiling are quite nice too.

The kitchen is... meh.  It seems large enough (26 x 17), but that's about all I like in it.  Oh and the shutters.  I like the shutters on the windows.

Dining room?  Meh...  I find it too dark.  Again love the shutters and the large wide doorway though.

This bedroom is large enough (17 x 14) for two full sized beds.

I think the master bath seems a little dated.  That tile and walls of mirrors kind of freak me out a little.

Col. Mustard in the study with a candlestick!!  Sorry, I had to do it!  Even though the walls are dark wood, I kind of like this room.  The ceiling and arched windows are what probably sold me on it.

I'm not sure what this room is... sun room maybe?  I don't like the color scheme, but the room as a whole has lots of potential.

What... the...?!?  Ewwww.  Game room... fine.  Red chairs... fine.  Yellow walls... fine.  Put all these things in the same room... NO.  Some things are seen that can't be unseen.

I would live in this pool house.  First off, pool in the front yard!  Second, did you see that size of that fireplace?!  It has a loft, open floor plan.  Love it, love it.

You can see more photos here.

*Images from house listing.

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