Busy, Busy, Busy

Oy!  I've really been avoiding my computer lately!  I place part of the blame on my iPad and Blogger.  I might just blog more if they had a decent Blogger app for the iPad.  Hint, hint Blogger peoples.  I've even neglected showing off a "Home of the Week"!  *sigh*  Life has just been flying by!

We wanted to do something special for my oldest daughter's birthday (which was yesterday).  We debated, fussed, argued over what to do, where to go.  Last year we drove down to Chattanooga to visit the aquarium.  The year before that we drove to Louisville to visit the zoo and a cousin.  We tossed around the idea of going back to Chattanooga.  There is still so much we haven't seen there.  Ultimately though... the call of sand and sea won us all over.  We're headed to the beach!!

If I'm being honest here, I've been NEEDING some sand in my toes for a while now.  Am I masquerading it as a trip for my daughter's birthday?  Maybe.  Does she care?  Nope.  She's just as excited as I am.  Do I feel a little guilty?  Yes, but give me a couple of drinks with little umbrellas in them and that guilt will float away!

We are a camping family.  I'm sure you already knew that though!  Camping can be fun and it saves so much money.  I'd definitely rather being staying in some 5 star resort, but who can really afford that?  I found a FREE camping spot directly on the beach, but the hubs was not feeling it.  We'd have to walk at least a 1/2 mile from where the car was parked and there would be no access to fresh water or electric.  I don't blame him for his quick decision, but it was ON THE BEACH!  And FREE!  Don't tell him that I kind of agree that I didn't want to have to walk a 1/2 a mile in sand packing a baby, cooler, tent, mattresses, etc., etc., etc.

Photo from National Park Service website

Gulf Islands National Seashore!  Problem solved!

For only $20 a night, we'll be staying at Fort Pickens campground.  It's on a barrier island on the Pensacola Bay.  We can drive the half mile to the beach and only walk a short distance.

Soooooo  excited!!!!  At least this time I'll have a reason to not be blogging!  You can check for updates on Twitter and/or Instagram (@christinebewley)!

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