Why Reading is Better than Watching

I've always been told (and I've said it myself) that books are ALWAYS better than movies.  I feel this is true for 98% of movies converted from books.  The two percent difference are the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies.  They are pretty damn true to the books.

What I hate is when you've read a book and made that mental picture then get all excited when you hear the movie is being made only to see that they took "liberties" with the story, characters, or setting.  For example, Twilight.  We all know that the Cullen's house in the movie is NOT the house described in the book.  No where close.

My local library has just begun electronic lending!  I'm so excited for this.  I'm a little irritated that it seemed like every book I wanted to check out was already checked out, but I finally got an email saying one was available.

The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith.

I am a mere six chapters into the book.  I am FREAKED. OUT.  The TV show is so off.

So far...
  • Mystic Falls?  Nope, it's Fell's Church.
  • Jeremy?  Nope, no younger brother.  A younger sister (4 years old) named Margaret.
  • Elena the brunette?  Nope, she has blonde hair.
  • Older sister Jenna?  Nope, Aunt Judith.
  • Tyler Lockwood? Nope, Tyler Smallwood.
  • Bonnie Bennett?  Nope, Bonnie McCullough.  Not of African decent, but of Scottish heritage with red curly hair.  Oh and her mom is most definitely part of her life.
  • Best friend Meredith?  Wait... there is no mention of her at all in the TV show.
  • And so far it doesn't seem that the Salvatore brothers/family were founding members of this community at all.  Stefan is mentioned as thinking he isn't sure why he came to Fell's Church.  The whole Stefan/Damon/Katherine deal seems to have taken place in Italy, not Fell's Church aka Mystic Falls.

I am so confused by this.  Why would the TV people make such drastic changes??  Now I'm thinking how much else has the TV show messed up.  *sigh*  I am hoping that eventually as I read on the story will come together.

Have you ever read a book then watched the movie or vice versa only to find out they were completely different?

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