Amazing Things Babies Do

Everyone brags about all the wonderfully amazing things our babies do.  Discovered her toes, found his belly button, WALKED!!  Well I'm going to brag about my baby.

My Ro-baby found...


a missing SD card!!  Wooo!!!

I know this doesn't sound like a big deal, however, this particular SD card has been missing for TWO YEARS!  I had it one day and it was gone the next.  I thought it had become lost in the neither regions of our couch, but no matter how many times we've moved it around the living room over the past two years or turned it upside down and inside out looking for the card, we've never found it.

Until yesterday when my oldest daughter (I'm still trying to get used to saying that!) brought me the card and said, "I just caught Rowan trying to eat your memory card."  She handed me a little black SD card and I thought... well, this isn't mine.  I have two and they are both blue.  My mom is staying with us while her apartment building is being renovated so I thought it might be hers.  I tucked it away in my pocket until I could get to a computer.

Low and behold.... it was mine!  I still have no idea where she found it or where it had been.  But I'm unduly excited by this.  Just for shits and giggles, let's take a look at what my memory card was doing in 2010.

A glass owl on my mantle...

Albert, the basement toad or as I like to call it... Organic Pest Control

After the harvest corn

On our first trip to the Shawnee National Forest (look how small the kids are!!!)

Kaia with Shilo
There were a total of 393 photos on that memory card.  I was so bummed out when I lost it.  It's great to be able to look back at these images!

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