You Do Get What You Pay For

I am a fingernail biter.  I have bitten my fingernails for as long as I can remember.  It's the worst habit ever.  I. CAN. NOT. STOP.  It's like a freakin' disease or something.  I did manage to stop biting them for a time when I was pregnant.  It didn't last long though.  

You see I have found that if I keep them painted, I do not bite them.  It's just after a while I get tired of having ugly chipped fingernail polish.  Because I always end up having chipped nail polish.  Especially now that I have the little and I'm rinsing out sippy cups and cloth diapers several times a day.

I've never seen a need to pay crazy amounts of money for fingernail polish.  I always thought polish was polish, didn't think it really mattered the brand or price.  Especially since it's always looking trashy after a day or two.  One time, while I was getting fake nails put on, I had the ladies paint my oldest daughter's nails.  It cost me $5 and the polish chipped off the ends of her nails within a day.  That was the last time I paid someone to paint her nails.  They use China Glaze and OPI there.  You know, expensive polishes.  So when hers began to chip off if one day, I knew spending extra money on pricier polish wasn't worth it.

Then I starting seeing this Essie polish.  Everywhere. Went to the store, found it, got sad.  It was $8 a bottle.   I just could not justify paying that much money.  BUT they have such cute colors and I'm seeing it everywhere I look.  The Essie is haunting me.  I saw an opportunity on Mother's Day and I took it!

I am so glad I did!  I love this polish.  I painted my nails Sunday evening.  No base coat, no top coat.  Just two coats of polish.  I gave plenty of time for them to dry.  Usually I do this and the next morning I have sheet prints on my nails.  Monday morning I got up to perfect, glossy nails!  By Wednesday morning my nails were barely chipped or blemished.

Please ignore the super lovely cuticles and short nails.  Just focus on the non-chipped polish!  By this point, I'm thinking that I am now completely sold on Essie nail polish.  It'd been three days and no noticeable wear and tear.

This morning...

Ahh... morning sun.....  Oops!  Sorry I got sidetracked.  Anyway.... As you can see, five days later and I'm just now getting some chipping.  But wait... this is my left hand.  I'm not left handed.  I'm right handed and do tons more stuff with that hand.  Normally this means that the right is worse than the left, correct?

There is that morning sun again...  I'm happy to report that the only nail with noticeable chipping is my index finger.  Again, please ignore my super awesome cuticles.  

In conclusion, I am IN LOVE with this polish!  I painted my toenails too, but the trauma of seeing my fingernails is probably enough for you so I won't do that to you.  Just know that they show absolutely no wearing/chipping at all!  And you guys know I wear flip flops 24/7.  I'm already trying to decide which color to buy next!!

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